Victoria Smurfit Cast As “Iconic Character” In Once Upon A Time


It looks like after the Frozen storyline wraps, the Storybrooke characters will have another villain to deal with than the Snow Queen. Dracula alum, Victoria Smurfit, is rumored to have been cast as none other than the Dalmatian loving designer Cruella de Vil.

A tweet, that has since been deleted from her account, stated “super excited about playing Cruella for such an iconic show as @OnceABC.” Also, Entertainment Weekly announced that the actress was cast in an “iconic role” but no confirmation to what character yet.

We can be sure that Victoria Smurfit will be introduced in the winter finale and be recurring in the second half of the season.

If the talk is true, would you be excited to see such an iconic character on OUAT? As if we haven’t gotten any great characters before.

Source: EW, Nerdist



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