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Video Review: TOWER OF DAWN by Sarah J Maas

A couple weeks ago, the latest installment of Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series hit stores. It may not be the finale we had been originally awaiting, but it was definitely an important part of the story. This book shows what Chaol, one of the story’s original main characters, was up to while the rest of the gang caused chaos in Empire of Storms, the preceding novel.

As a huge fan of this series, but not Chaol’s biggest fan, I was not nearly as excited for this book as I normally am for books in this series. And while it had a slower start than many, since it took place in a different land, introduced new characters, and followed a less beloved character, it was still quite the adventure! There were revelations, exciting plot points, and character development that are sure to come into the final portion of this story. You will definitely not want to miss it!

Watch my full review below!

Note: As always, this video begins spoiler-free. I first give a spoiler warning for the first five books, then for this book.

Have you read the book yet? Did you love it? Are you excited to read it? Let us know in the comments!

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