Video Review: WAR STORM by Victoria Aveyard

It has been over a month since the fourth and final book in Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series was released and if you’re anything like me, you had to read it right away. Lucky for us after the second cliffhanger in a row, War Storm picks up just an hour after the end of King’s Cage as Mare continues her adventure and fight for the Reds. While the story was good, it left a lot of loose ends that I’m still hoping are somehow tied in the future. Check out my full video review below.

Note: The beginning of the video is spoiler-free. I give two spoiler warnings– the first for the first three books leading up to War Storm, then another before getting into spoilers for this final book.

Let us now what you thought about this final book in the Red Queen series! Please remember to warn before any spoilers in the comments.

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