Video Shows Hilarious “Leaked Plans” For Marvel Phase Four

What will Marvel do after Phase Three? One fan hilariously pokes at Phase Four.

For the most part, comic book fans know how THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will come to an end, tying up loose ends and effectively ending Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what comes next? Marvel doesn’t actually seem to have any sort of Phase Four in mind. Additionally, many moviegoers worry Marvel may stretch themselves too thin by introducing lesser known properties to the big screen later on.

Steven Rosenthal has mish-mashed all of these unknowns and concerns to create a hilarious look at what Marvel “Phase Four” could be!

Fair Warning: This video seems to be getting a lot of flack for the more *cough* sensitive comic book fans out there. Remember people, it’s just a joke!

Joking aside, there’s still plenty of characters for Marvel to explore in both film and television, so we don’t expect the superhero juggernaut to die down anytime soon. And we look forward to watching them all, even if we’re not super familiar with every aspect of the character. Just maybe not THESE characters. :-p