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THE WALKING DEAD “Go Getters” Previews

Hilltop and Carl’s rebellion take center stage in latest THE WALKING DEAD previews!

The Walking Dead is back tonight! “Go Getters” will focus in on Maggie and Sasha’s arrival at Hilltop, where they face Negan’s Saviors once again and things could certainly get messy. We’re also seeing the fallout of The Saviors’ visit to Alexandria as Carl finally seems to take a stand against his mysterious love interest, Enid.

A clip from the episode promises further struggles for Carl, who goes head-to-head with Michonne about The Saviors. It seems she’s trying to follow Rick’s path, but Carl isn’t ready to stand down quite yet.

We wonder if this is a precursor for Carl splitting from the Alexandrians?

We’ll have to see when “Go Getters” airs tonight on AMC!

By Kait

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