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THE WALKING DEAD Mid-Season 6 “New World” promo, Prologue, and Xander Berkeley’s Role

Check out The Walking Dead Mid-Season 6 “New World” promo and prologue, and we finally know who Xander Berkeley will be playing

You might’ve caught the prologue of The Walking Dead‘s mid-season 6 premiere episode, but if you haven’t, check it out here along with the “New World” promo that was just released today.

News was also released today about a certain actor’s role being revealed, something that we previously posted about.  This one is in regards to veteran actor Xander Berkeley, who will be making his appearance in the second half of this season, and will be playing the role of Gregory, who in the comics is a rather cowardly and vain leader of the Hilltop community, which we have yet to encounter in the series.

Xander Berkeley's role confirmed in The Walking Dead


Berkeley is an excellent addition to the series and his role will be well-hated for sure if the graphic novel is anything to go by.  His character is a source of strife and all kinds of additional problems for Rick and Maggie in particular.  We don’t know if things will go exactly as they have for him in the source material, but there’s no doubt he’ll still be a formidable baddie in the show, even with Negan in the mix.

Source: TVLine | Deadline

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