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THE WALKING DEAD Promotes Four Actors To Season 7 Regulars

THE WALKING DEAD promotes four guest stars in the midst of Season 7 chaos!

The Walking Dead definitely killed off one of its well-established characters in the Season 6 finale– though we won’t know who until the Season 7 premiere– but the show also has plans to prominently feature new actors as series regulars!

Four guest stars on the show will become regulars starting next season, the first of which should be no surprise: Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Negan, the bat-wielding leader of the Saviors is here to stay after making a brutal entrance. Given that he’s still alive and quite a force in the comics, we can expect much, much more from the character.

He’ll be joined as a series regular by Rick’s new ally Jesus (Tom Payne,) Daryl’s new nemesis and The Savior’s member Dwight (Austin Amelio,) and Hilltop colony’s leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley.)

Sure, we can expect the characters to show up more regularly this season, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee that they’ll survive through the whole season! Negan’s reign is bound to bring plenty of death with it and we doubt Dwight’s beef with Daryl will end with a handshake, so there are plenty of possibilities!

The Walking Dead Season 7 is set to premiere on October 9, 2016.



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