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THE WALKING DEAD Promotes Three Actors To Series Regulars

Enid, Simon, and Jadis are headed to The Walking Dead full time in Season 8!

The Walking Dead isn’t afraid to kill off any of its characters, but it’s replacing them just as quickly.

The show just announced that after losing Glenn (Steven Yeun), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Spencer (Austin Nichols), and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in Season 7, it will move three occasional characters up to series regular spots for Season 8.

Katelyn Nacon‘s Enid will continue to grow close to Maggie as she takes charge of Hilltop, and hopefully we’ll get some backstory. We’ll also be seeing more of Steven Ogg as Simon, a popular Savior with a strange sense of humor and just a little more humanity than the rest of his group.

We’re a little less thrilled to hear that we’ll be seeing more of Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), the leader of the landfill-dwelling “heapsters” that turned on Rick and the Alexandrians during the big finale showdown with The Saviors. Let’s hope it turns into a love-to-hate relationship.

The Walking Dead is due to return for Season 8 sometime in October.



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