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THE WALKING DEAD recap | Episode 6.07 “Heads Up”

The Walking Dead’s “Heads up” episode finally answers that one big question

In The Walking Dead‘s seventh episode this season titled “Heads Up,” we finally find out if Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) actually survived after Nicholas kills himself, bringing them both down off the dumpster and into the waiting hands of the walkers surrounding them.

Glenn lives!

We go back to that moment and see it’s definitely Nicholas’s intestines the walkers are eating up. Glenn is alive! He indeed crawls under the dumpster and stays there until the next day, after the walkers eventually cleared out.


Enid (Katelyn Nacon) appears at the roof of one of the adjacent building and throws him a bottle of water. But he’s not going to take off just yet, so he follows her into the building and tries to get her to tell him what happened after the horn sounded.

She tells him that people attacked the town, not the walkers. He asks about Maggie, but she doesn’t answer, because she took off.

The Walking Dead episode 607 - Heads Up - Enid

At Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is checking the walls when he sees Morgan (Lennie James) practicing with his staff. Rick tells him they need to talk at a later time as he continues his check on the walls and notices the spot where the blood is seeping through, the same spot we saw at the end of episode 6.05 “Now”.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is looking over the wall from the top deck. Rick show some concern for her and tries to encourage her, saying they’ll find a way back. He then suggests a tactic to clear the way for Glenn, Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). Instead of answering, she tells him that Judith is starting to look like Lori. Clearly, she has baby on the brain.

We find Glenn still in the town and runs across David (Jay Huguley), the guy from episode 6.03 “Thank You,” who didn’t make it over the iron gate with Scott (Kenric Green), Glenn, Nicholas (Michael Traynor), and Michonne (Danai Gurira). He is now a walker, but unable to move from his spot. Glenn takes a knife to his brain. He finds the note Daved wanted Michonne to give to his wife in case he didn’t make it, and takes it with him.

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is putting up signs for a sign for a prayer circle meeting for later that day. Rick, followed by Carl and Ron (Austin Abrams), pass him as they go the other direction and Rick takes the sign down. Carl doesn’t approve, either.  Father Gabriel doesn’t say anything, but puts another one back up.  Later in the episode, we see that his flyer was successful in gathering some people.

The Walking Dead episode 607 - Heads Up - Father Gabriel

Rick’s teaching Ron how to shoot with Carl chiming in. Ron keeps a blank face, but we all know he doesn’t seem all that appreciative of Carl’s helpful tips. Rick gives him an empty gun to hold and get comfortable with, but Ron asks for bullets immediately so he can practice, or that’s what he says. Both Rick and Carl look uncomfortable with that idea, and Ron decides to play it off, saying that he probably shouldn’t waste any bullets anyway.

Morgan arrives at the clinic to talk to Denise (Merritt Wever), but before he can muster up the words to say, Rick finds him there and wants to talk to him now. Inside the house, Rick, with Carol (Melissa McBride) and Michonne, confront him about not killing the Wolves when they attacked. Morgan uses their last meeting when he tried to kill Rick as an example of why he didn’t, talking about how recent events in his life led him to change, which then led him to save Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Daryl. He doesn’t know what could happen now that he let them go, only that people can change as he is one that did, and that all life is precious.

Outside the walls, we see the watch tower that was hit by a truck is cracking even more, and the walkers are still going at the walls.

Rick and Michonne try to come up with a plan to get the walkers out of the way. He wants to use just his group, but Michonne wants him to start allowing the Alexandrians to be part of his plans, saying they’re in this together. Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) appears, looking a little disheveled but somewhat excited. She hands them the blueprints she wrote up for an expansion of the community, after they get things fixed back up.

Rosita (Christian Serratos) is training some of the Alexandrians, as well as Eugene (Josh McDermitt), to use a machete. Eugene is distracted by his own thoughts of dying and she berates him up about his fear.  She tells him that he should not be scared about dying, but about being the one who survives when everyone else around him is dying. He takes off.

The Walking Dead episode 607 - Heads Up - Eugene

Glenn finds Enid to take her back to Alexandria. He tells her he wouldn’t leave her behind because he knows Maggie wouldn’t. She tries to threaten him by pointing a gun at him, but he disarms her, and he tells her about the herd of walkers that went towards the community and they need to go back. She doesn’t put up a fight anymore and leads the way.

While reinforcing the walls with more wood, Tobin (Jason Douglas) admits that they were scared of Rick when his group first arrived, but now understands that they weren’t prepared for how things were. He tells Rick not to give up on them.

When Glenn asks Enid about home, she says it wasn’t her home. He understands that she’s scared even though she denies it. He totally gets her and points out why he knows she’s scared. She doesn’t admit anything, only saying that they don’t have to talk.

Ron sneaks into the armory for bullets. By God, this kid is out to do some damage. We see him later holding his now loaded gun behind his back as he follows an unsuspecting Carl.


Glenn and Enid finally arrive outside of the community and see the walkers have surrounded the area. Enid wants to walk away, already committing the safe-zone to death, saying that the world is trying to die and they should let it. But Glenn has to yet again get this girl to stop with her defeatist attitude (it’s like she’s Eugene’s kid sister) and find a way back in.

We see Spencer (Austin Nicholas) trying to get outside the walls by using a cable line stretched above and hooked to the top of another building. He almost becomes chow when the hook breaks, even falling to the ground with walkers surrounding him, but makes it to safety with the help of Rick, Tobin, Tara (Alanna Masterson), and Morgan. Rick yells at Tara for her part in it, and she flips him off nicely. Rick then yells at Spencer. He explains he was trying to get to a car to draw the walkers away. So when Rick tells him to come to him with ideas, Spencer basically tells him Rick most likely wouldn’t agree to his idea anyway.


Morgan comes back to the clinic to talk to Denise, but not about his arm, about someone else’s wound – the locked up W man he couldn’t kill. Carol spots them leaving and follows while holding Judith. She sees them going into a house and goes to Jessie’s house to see if she can watch Judith.

While waiting, Sam, who still refuses to leave the second floor, asks her about the monsters and if the Wolves were the monsters and if his father turned into a monster, too. Carol tells him that the only thing that keeps him from becoming a monster is killing. She always has such uplifting things to say, doesn’t she?

Carol goes back to the house and confronts Morgan at the door, asking what he has hiding.

Rick apologizes to Tara for yelling, but Tara knows it was stupid.  She tells him they’re stuck together.  Deanna comes to thank Rick for saving Spencer’s life. But the thanks might’ve come too soon. Maggie and about everyone who’s outside bring their heads up and see the balloons rising in the sky, letting them all know someone alive is out there (Maggie already knows it’s Glenn signaling them).

In the last scene before the episode ends, they suddenly see the weakened watchtower tumbling towards and crashing into a big part of the wall, creating a nicely sized opening for the walkers.


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