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THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 Finale recap

We give you the details in our Walking Dead season 6 finale recap

In our Walking Dead season 6 finale recap, we see Morgan trying to bring Carol back, Rick and the gang beset by obstacles trying to get Maggie to a doctor, two men in armor, and the introduction of the big villain Negan.  Who is going to have their “Last Day on Earth?” 

Late afternoon, Morgan is walking through a meadow where he sees a sign that says “You Are Alive,” then encounters a saddled horse, probably the same horse that the guy in the last episode claimed to have lost.

The injured man with Carol’s rosary is following the horse’s tracks somewhere along the way.

Another man is running through the forest, possibly being chased by the Saviors, as we hear the familiar whistle we heard in the last episode.

Carl is packing to leave to help bring Maggie to Hilltop because of her severe cramping, refusing to let Enid to come along. He tells her about the Saviors and what they can do as we see the running man fall, and face the ones chasing him. Carl locks Enid in a closet to prevent her from following, telling her to just survive somehow if Carl doesn’t make it back.

Rick gets accompanied by Sasha, Abraham, and Eugene, despite his protests, especially regarding Eugene. Aaron comes along as well.

The man is surrounded by the Saviors, and they explain why they did what they did, killing the man’s group because they rebelled. They start beating the man.

Father Gabriel assures the protection of Alexandria and Judith to Rick while they’re away. He asks Rick if he’s comfortable with leaving Father Gabriel in charge, and Rick probably surprises himself in knowing that he is. Spencer asks if the Saviors come to try and make a deal. Rick says to have them wait for him.


Morgan is riding the horse and finds an injured Carol in front of the doors of a library.

The beaten man is dragged out on the road. They say they want to make an example out of him, but the man doesn’t understand. They wait.

En route to Hilltop, Rick tries to assure Maggie the doctor will fix things, but Maggie is still unsure. He talks about how as long as it’s all of them, they can do anything, as that’s how they’ve survived.

Morgan is patching up Carol. Morgan says he’ll walk the area before it gets dark, and they’ll head back to Alexandria in the morning, but she doesn’t want to.


Rick’s group encounter the Saviors with the beaten man blocking the road, and they’re forced to stop.

All but Maggie get out of the RV to talk to the guy in charge of that group. Rick says they can make a deal, but the guy demands Rick to give them all their stuff, also saying that they’ll probably kill one of them. Rick refuses and one of the men spraypaint the beaten man with a big X on his chest. The Savior in charge says they don’t negotiate. Rick and the group go back into the RV. They exchange mild threats, talking about their last day on earth stuff, but nothing more.


The RV is stopped as they try to figure out another route. Carl asks Aaron why he didn’t stay in Alexandria, and Aaron says he owes Maggie. Carl says he owes them. Eugene sets up a new route and they take off.

Morgan tells Carol that others went looking for her, too. Carol explains her reasoning, basically stating that she had to leave because she couldn’t kill anymore to protect the ones she cared about, but Morgan tells her that she’ll die being on her own. Morgan says he’s not leaving her, but she wants him to go.

As they go on their new route, Abraham asks Sasha if she could do what Maggie and Glen did, get pregnant. She asks him if he could, and he says yes. Another group of Saviors block the new route. They back up slowly, turn around, and go the other way instead of engaging with them. The Saviors don’t chase after them.

Morgan is walking through the area and sees a walker hanging on a noose from a narrow metal scaffolding, and he climbs up the scaffolding to kill it and cut its noose. When he goes back inside the library, Carol has disappeared. He goes back on his horse to look for her again.

Rick’s group knows that the the Saviors have a good amount of people. On another road, they are confronted with a chain of walkers. They get out to clear the walkers, but notice one of the walkers has a couple of locks of Michonne’s hair, while another one as a couple of Daryl’s arrows in its chest. They are fired upon while Rick tries to break the chain of walkers, but none of them are injured. They break the chain of walkers and are able to pass through.


The RV is making weird sounds and Rick says they were aiming at their feet, knowing the Saviors wanted them to go the way they’re going. Aaron says Maggie is getting worse right when they come across a much bigger group of Saviors blocking the road.

Carol is finally accosted by the man with the gunshot wound and had the rosary. He threatens to kill her slowly, and shoots her right arm to start. Carol is accepting the fact that she’s about to die, even smiling about it. The man shoots Carol in the thigh. When the guy walks away, she taunts him to try to come back and shoot her.


When he does come back, Morgan is there and holds a gun to him, telling him to stop. But he doesn’t and Morgan shoots the guy multiple times. Carol begs Morgan to let her go, but he won’t. Then two men in makeshift armor, one carrying a spear and riding a horse, approach Morgan and Carol. The other one is on foot and is the same man who was looking for his horse in the previous episode. They agree to help.


Rick’s group come across a wall of logs in their latest route, and the beaten man is thrown over the overpass above them, forcing Rick and the group to watch. The wall of logs is suddenly on fire and it forces them to go another route, yet again.

Eugene comes up with an idea that involves Eugene driving the RV and playing the Saviors’ game, while the others go on foot. Eugene gives Rick the papers for his ammunitions idea. Abraham and Eugene hug, knowing this could be the final time they see each other. They leave on foot through the forest, with Maggie on a stretcher for Rick, Abraham, Sasha, and Aaron to carry. Eugene drives the RV.

As Rick and the group walk through the forest, Carl tells Rick that he’s not going to let anyone die like Denise did, feeling inspired by Rick’s talk with Maggie earlier. But then they hear whistles around and as they try to run, they come across a clearing and are surrounded by dozens of Saviors, whistling, many of them armed with some form of weapon. Eugene is already there, on his knees.

The guy they encountered the first time has their weapons taken. They force them to get Maggie off the bed and have them all down on their knees, with Eugene along with them.

Dwight enters the picture and pulls out Michonne, Rosita, Glenn, and an injured Daryl, who’ve been locked up in a van. They’re all lined up in a row on their knees when a man carrying a bat with barbed-wire wrapped around it comes out of another RV. He asks who the leader is and the guy that rounded them up points out Rick. The man with the barbed-wire bat introduces himself as Negan.


Negan gives a long, upsetting, and scary speech and says that they have to pay for killing his people. He tells Rick he’s going to regret crossing him, saying that you don’t mess with the new world order. Negan says that Rick works for him now and that whatever he has he gives to Negan, and that they harder they fight, the harder it will be for them. Rick looks terrified.

Negan tells them they have to pay, though, for killing his people, and he’s going to beat the “holy hell” out of one of them. He introduces his bat as Lucille.

When Negan stands in front of Abraham, Abraham straightens his back, not showing fear. He confronts Carl, but Carl shows no fear, prompting Negan to encourage him to cry a little. Carl doesn’t say a word, only glares at him.


When he sees Maggie, it seems he’s going to end her, but Glenn tries to stop him. Of course, he’s stopped, and dragged back in line, with Glenn in tears and pleading. Negan just laughs it off.


Rick is speechless until Negan realizes that Carl is his son. Rick finally yells out to stop this, but Negan doesn’t want to kill the future serial killer, as he considers Carl. Negan uses the rhyme eeny-meeny-miny-moe to choose which one to punish with Lucille.

He finally picks one of them and starts bashing away at his chosen one. Unfortunately, we don’t know which one it is as we see it from the victim’s point of view, and with no one else in sight but Negan and Lucille.


And that’s all folks!  No, we don’t get to see who exactly Negan killed off this season.  But honestly, I can handle waiting for it.  I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.  It’s been a nervewracking episode already, so I was actually grateful for the reprieve.  The episode was excellent without knowing whose head was bashed in anyway.

Enjoy your summer, because October will come soon enough.

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