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This WALKING DEAD season 7 clip has someone wearing something familiar

Daryl Dixon fans might have to start preparing to riot after they watch this WALKING DEAD season 7 clip.

Who knows what exactly the writers and showrunners of The Walking Dead are thinking at this point, but we know we’re at a pivotal point in the series where at least one major character will find their demise at the end of a barbed-wired baseball bat. Although readers of the graphic novel already know who met their end, there’s no guarantee that same character will go out in similar fashion on the show. This newly released Walking Dead season 7 clip doesn’t necessarily give away anything about that. However, the antagonist Dwight (Austin Amelio) is seen wearing something that doesn’t belong to him, and it concerns us as to why he’s wearing it.

Yes, we’ve pretty angry at Dwight for his involvement with Negan’s group.  But the fact that he’s wearing Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) angel wing leather vest has us boiling! Not only that, but the fact that Dwight is also still riding Daryl’s bike as well puts a really sour taste in our mouth. Yes, this is disturbing, but last season’s mid-season finale with Glenn’s fate on the line was just as disturbing. This may just be another misleading scene.

Honestly, we’ll have to hold our breaths until the season premiere to know for sure.  And that really sucks. Until then, keep your torches and pitchforks within reach.

Find out how this came to be when The Walking Dead season 7 premieres Sunday, October 13th on AMC at 9pm.


By Kait

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