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THE WALKING DEAD Stills Introduce Season 7B

THE WALKING DEAD gang is back together in new Season 7B stills!

The Walking Dead spent most of the first half of Season 7 building itself back up after some devastation in the premiere episode. Now, the Alexandrians are reportedly ready to fight back and Entertainment Weekly has the first looks at 7B.

The photos don’t give too much away– mostly, it just seems to be the Alexandrians gathering and looking unimpressed with the world at large, though one photo shows Rick surrounded by unfamiliar women in a junkyard. There are also a couple shots of grisly-looking skeletons that have us wondering!

Let’s hope all this old and new survivor groups get together to take down Negan fast!

The Walking Dead returns fro the second portion of Season 7 on February 12, 2017.

By Kait

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