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THE WALKING DEAD Episode 6.14 | “Twice as Far” recap

Read our Walking Dead “Twice as Far” recap and find out what Morgan’s been up to lately

Our “Twice as Far” recap is nothing compared to The Walking Dead’s latest episode, as we follow Daryl (Norman Reedus), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Denise (Merritt Weaver) on a trip to find some medicine, while Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) go check out a building to start up something that could benefit them all.  We also get a glimpse at Carol as she contemplates her next plan.

Olivia (Ann Mahoney) is restocking the pantry, and people are doing their part as a community. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is doing his rounds. We see Carol (Melissa McBride) on the front porch swing, holding the crucifix she got from the last episode.  We see that Morgan (Lennie James) has created a cell. Rick (Abraham Lincoln) comes in and asks why? Morgan says it’ll give them some choices next time.

It’s another day and the people are going about the same routine. We see Rosita getting dressed, and someone is in her bed, but it’s not Abraham. It’s Spencer Monroe (August Nichols).  Carol is again on the front porch swing, and Tobin (Jason Douglas) comes to kiss her before he heads out.


Daryl is cleaning out his bike when Carol comes by. He admits to her that he shouldn’t have saved those people, the ones that stole it from him. She doesn’t say anything, and is about to leave when Daryl asks what the kidnappers did to her and Maggie. She says they didn’t do anything.

Another day, and we see Carol again with the rosary and crucifix she had from the last episode.  Eugene and Abraham go outside the gates of Alexandria, for what we later find out to be a building in one of the ghost towns..

Spencer asks about having dinner with Rosita, and she agrees although she doesn’t seem all that excited or interested in Spencer. He asks what they’re doing, but she deflects, just saying that they’ll do dinner.  He leaves it at that.


Denise asks for Rosita and Daryl’s help to go to an apothecary she remembers passing by before. They’ll check out it, but she wants to go with them, and they reluctantly bring her along. On their truck drive, they encounter a fallen tree blocking the road. They have to walk, but Daryl doesn’t want to take the tracks which would make it shorter. Denise follows Daryl, but Rosita follows the tracks.

Abraham and Eugene are walking through an alley. Eugene says he’s changed, adapted, become a survivor.  Abraham doesn’t really believe him.  They enter one of the buildings, and Eugene says they’re going to manufacture bullets there. A walker covered in lead comes around, and Eugene calls dibs, but has difficulty getting a weapon to do so, so Abraham kills it. Eugene is mad that Abraham took his kill, and basically “fires” Abraham from his protective services. He leaves Eugene in the building, pissed off, and telling him to find his own way back.


Rosita meets up again with Daryl and Denise when they finally arrive. They find the apothecary, and Daryl and Rosita go in first.

Daryl’s able to break the lock into the pharmacy, but when they get in, they hear something in another area, where the door is closed. Denise decides to open the door and finds a barely there walker that can’t even walk. She leaves the building and waits outside, disturbed by what she saw, while Daryl and Rosita continue to take the drugs. She talks about her twin brother Dennis when Daryl asks. Daryl decides to take the tracks back this time.

Denise looks into an abandoned car and tells Daryl and Rosita there’s a cooler inside, although there’s also a walker inside with it. Daryl and Rosita continue walking, but Denise decides to try for the cooler. She’s able to kill the walker, after struggling for a bit and then throws up. She finds pop in the cooler. Both Daryl and Rosita are pissed, but she goes on her soapbox, explaining her actions, basically explaining that she is trying to get over her fears and be brave like them.  During her interesting and heartfelt speech to them, an arrow goes through her head, and she falls over, dead.


A group of Saviors, including the guy that stole Daryl’s bike, Dwight (Austin Amelio), have arrived and are holding Eugene hostage. Half of Dwight’s head is burned, most likely from a punishment by the leader of the Saviors, and says it’s nothing personal. Eugene notices Abraham is hiding behind some barrels off to the side. Dwight says they want to get into Alexandria, and Eugene tells them to get the guy behind the barrels. As they check it out, Eugene bites Dwight in the crotch, hard.  It’s a full-on gunfight. Dwight runs off with some of his group, although several of them were killed in the fight.


Eugene is shot in the side, but Denise is gone. Abraham, Daryl, and Rosita have to carry Eugene back, and he’s patched up back at the infirmary. The bullet grazed his side. Abraham apologizes to Eugene in his own way.

Abraham meets with Sasha at the front of her house, and she welcomes him inside.  Carol and Daryl bury Denise. She says that he was right for saying he should’ve killed them. Carol leaves a “Dear John” letter to Tobin, saying that she won’t and can’t kill for anyone anymore. She has left the community.

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