WANTED: Sarcastic Drunk Petty Dabbler of the Dark Arts to Help Starling City

Despite the NBC show being cancelled its first season (and right after a huge plot twist no one saw coming), there still seems to be a demand for Matt Ryan‘s portrayal of John Constantine, an ‘exorcist, demonologist, and petty dabbler of the Dark Arts’ from the DC Hellblazer comics.

Matt Ryan as the daring John Constantine

In an interview with IGN, the Arrow star Stephen Amell and co-runner Wendy Mericle said that nothing has been confirmed due to ‘some political things’ and schedules of the actors, but they are both hopeful that we might hear a Scouse accent on the set of Arrow in the near future. Matt Ryan has been confirmed for two up-coming movies- Away and 500 Miles North– but hasn’t announced any other projects. Amell had revealed in previous interviews that there had been talk of a Hellblazer/Arrow crossover, but nothing had been confirmed. Arrow‘s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, had also shown an interest in this idea.

The tone of the Hellblazer show was steeped deeply in mysticism and religious symbolism- something very different to the overall tone of Arrow– but with the introduction of the mysterious Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) to the fourth season of Arrow, maybe John Constantine will fit nicely into Starling City.