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Warner Bros Comic-Con Bags Feature Capes, including SUPERNATURAL

The Warner Bros. bags go through changes each year, somewhat trying to improve the usability of it during the Comic-Con weekend.  Sometimes it works (backpack style), sometimes it doesn’t (broken straps), but nevertheless, they are probably the biggest freebie of all freebies that Comic-Con has to offer.

This year, they’ve decided that not only will the bags have the ability to be carried like a backpack, thus presenting the posterboard look upon any humans backside, but now they’ve added the cape element, so that not only can geeks and nerds look really awkward, but they can look even more awkward as they pretend they’re about to fly.  And the Supernatural bag, although there’s no flying (especially with Dean Winchester) in the show, will also don a cape.

Each cape and bag will feature a different Warner Bros. property: Supernatural, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, The Following, Revolution, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Titans Go! (with a special Beware the Batman cape), Godzilla, The LEGO Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, animated DC film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, or the classic Batman series.

sdcc-wb-bag-2013-1 sdcc-wb-bag-2013-2


I’m not quite sure what to think of it, but at least it’s detachable.  So even if you do like it, but don’t want it to possibly get torn off or shredded in some way while passing by some thorny bushes or a hands-y kid, then you just take it off and pack it in the bag.  I just hope they’ve fixed the strap issue that plagues the bags.

What do you think of the new addition to the bag?

via San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog.

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