Warner Bros’ DC Producer Reportedly Demoted In Wake Of BATMAN V. SUPERMAN

DC Producer is reportedly moving down the ranks as Warner Bros reorganizes executives.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t make the impact Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment had hoped for when launching their new DC cinematic universe, and now it seems someone is taking the fall for it.

Charles Roven, who produced Batman V. Superman alongside director Zack Snyder and fellow producer Deborah Snyder (Zack’s wife and frequent film-making partner,) is in the process of being moved from producer to executive producer status at Warner Bros, according to Variety. The change in position drastically lessens Roven’s influence in day-to-day decision making for future films.

Roven’s producing credits under the Warner Bros’ DC slate also include The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. He is currently on the set of Justice League Part 1, which will be his last gig as producer.

Warner Bros. didn’t give an official reason for the demotion, but the announcement comes a week after the studio announced major organizational changes for the DC Entertainment branch and a studio rep called Roven “a key member of not only the DC slate but of the Warner Bros. family.”

While still quite successful, Batman V Superman didn’t reach the record-breaking blockbuster status that Warner Bros had hoped for. It’s made roughly $870 million worldwide over the course of 2 months– a box office total that Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War bested in a little over a week according to Box Office Mojo.

Warner Bros has not announced any new producers in the wake of Roven’s new role.

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