Warner Bros Scoops Up Film Rights For Kiera Cass’ THE SELECTION

It may not have made it to television, but Kiera Cass’ THE SELECTION is getting a new chance at the big screen!

We were all pretty bummed when The CW’s THE SELECTION television series was cancelled in the early stages, but the books are getting another shot at adaptation thanks to Warner Bros!

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Warner Bros won the film rights to THE SELECTION and hired Katie Lovejoy, who made the elite screenwriting “Black List” in 2010 for her THE ARSONIST LOVE STORY script, to adapt the first book into film.

THE SELECTION tells the story of America Singer, a young girl living in the futuristic Illea, a nation with rigid class structures that keep most citizens weak and divided. America is provided a rare chance at a better life when she’s chosen for The Selection, a BACHELOR-esque competition / reality show in which contestants battle it out to win the heart of royal Prince Maxon and become the next queen. While Prince Maxon is charming, America isn’t sure she can leave her family and her first love behind and throw herself into the competition. But if she wants to save the lower classes from their dangerous levels of poverty, does she really have any other choice?

Author Kiera Cass kept her celebration short and sweet on Twitter following the announcement:

A television series pilot based on THE SELECTION starring Aimee Teegarden was considered in 2012, but it was not picked up for air. Scenes from the pilot have since been released and appeared drastically different from the books. Hopefully, this movie will do a much better job capturing the true spirit of the material!

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