Warner Bros TV Options Kresley Cole’s THE ARCANA CHRONICLES

Steamy YA series THE ARCANA CHRONICLES is coming to television!

Warner Bros is taking an another gritty teen title for television! This time, it’s The Arcana Chronicles, based on the popular series by Kresley Cole.

The Arcana Chronicles tells the story of Evie, a spoiled Louisiana it-girl whose life changes dramatically when she begins having visions of the end of the world. Just when having everyone believe she’s crazy seems to be the worst of it, her visions come true. Evie discovers that she’s stuck in a conspiracy, part of an ancient battle recurring through time. But in discovering her deadly powers and others like her, can Evie save herself and her rough-around-the-edges new accomplice, Jack, from certain death.

The series, which begins with Poison Princess, is built upon the legends of the Tarot. The original twist will draw fans in, but there’s also plenty of action and mystery to keep them there. Not to mention plenty of romance! We could definitely see in on The CW alongside The Vampire Diaries, Reign, and the channel’s DC Comics properties.

Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot’s Offspring Entertainment will craft the TV series with screenwriter Seamus Kevin Fahey (Battlestar Galactica, The Following) penning the first episodes.


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