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THE 100 Season 4 Extended Trailer Shows Some Grounder Conflict

Season 4 of THE 100 is quickly approaching and from the extended trailer it looks like it will be epic!

The 100 is back for its fourth season and the extended trailer has just been released. Last season ended on a huge cliffhanger because the world is literally ending from a nuclear meltdown. The first trailer that was released focused primarily on the nuclear meltdown that Clarke initiated, where as this new trailer is centralized around the conflict between the Sky People and The Grounders.

The trailer begins with immediate consequences of radiation and the bodies are already piling up. The Grounders clearly blame Clarke for this and everyone wants to kill her, but really is that anything new? On the bright-side it seems that Bellamy and Clarke are back to their “us against the world” dynamic.

Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia) looked badass in the scene where she slid and cut two grounders at the knees. It is evident that this season she will be out for blood. Devon Bostick (Jasper) looks to be coming back to a comedic side to his character albeit a bit more sarcastic. This show definitely needs the air of levity it once had. Zach McGowan (Roan) definitely seems to be a contender this season. It is great to see that his character will be more prominent this season. It wasn’t quite obvious what had happened to him at the end of last season.

The song in the extended trailer really set a different mood than the first. It was upbeat. Something this show really lacked in the previous season.The way they edited the scenes to go with song’s lyrics made the trailer action packed. These fight scenes look epic and are another reason to be pumped for this new season. 

The fourth season of The 100 premieres on The CW on Wednesday February 1st, 2017 at 9|8c.


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