Watch a Clip From Sony’s VENOM

Brock scares a neighbor in a clip from VENOM!

Sony’s Venom movie may not have been a critical darling, but it’s still getting plenty of love from audiences nationwide, who seem to recognize plenty of the original comics featuring the character reflected back at them.

The film has made over $378 million worldwide since its October 5, 2018 release, coming in the #1 spot domestically in both weeks.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the film in theaters, Sony has released a short clip to entice you, though they’ve unfortunately titled the clip “Rock Out With Your Brock Out” for no apparent reason.

In the clip, one neighbor’s loud music is causing Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) enough stress that the Venom symbiote is trying to take over. When he asks the neighbor to turn it down and he refuses… well.. Venom gets a little more agitated.

You can see Venom in theaters now.

By Kait

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