Watch The Alternate Opening For Disney’s BIG HERO 6

The Hamada brothers bond in an alternate opening for Disney’s BIG HERO 6.

BIG HERO 6 starts off with Hiro Hamada engaging in some very illegal robot battles before being saved by angry opponents by his brother, Tadashi. But that wasn’t the only opening sequence the filmmakers considered!

Disney just released a new look at another possible opening: Hiro and Tadashi sneaking into the latest robotics convention, getting some inspiration, and going home to build some rocket boots for their adorable cat, Mochi. The scene was only developed through the storyboard stage, so they is based off the animators’ initial sketches and comes together almost in flip-book style.

Click below to watch!

big hero 6 alt opening

As cute as this alternate opening is, it probably didn’t mesh with the rebellious loner side of Hiro that would need to be portrayed at other points in the movie. The actual opening reflects the trouble Hiro oftentimes finds himself in, much to the chagrin of Tadashi.

What do you think of the alternate opening scene?