WATCH: Behind The Special Effects of the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special

Discover the special effects work that went into DOCTOR WHO’s latest Christmas spectacular.

Less than a week ago, DOCTOR WHO released yet another successful Christmas special!

The Christmas special has always been a major event in the show’s history, where the team behind The Doctor, his companions, and their foes pulls out all the stops.

This year’s episode, “Last Christmas”, was no different. Beyond a stunning guest cast including Michael Troughton, Nathan McMullen, Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay and Nick Frost as Santa Claus himself. The Doctor and Clara found themselves among this ragtag group while up at the North Pole, where a science base was in desperate need of saving.

Now, fans can take a look into the in depth processes that went into each special effect featured in the episode!

Part 1 featured Prosthetic Designer Rob Mayor, who discussed the processes through which each seriously cute or creepy contributor to “Last Christmas” got their signature look.

Part 2 focuses specifically on the villains of this episode, The Dream Crabs. Besides looking like the stuff of nightmares, they also focus people into dream states whenever they feel like it, leaving the North Pole asleep and helpless.

This episode was a great year-ender for Peter Calpadi and Jenna Coleman, who just recently confirmed that she’ll be back for another season as the Doctor’s companion.

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