WATCH: DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary Special Lego Tribute


You gotta love the way fans pay tribute to what they love.  In this case, it’s Bookshelf Productions paying tribute to Doctor Who.  Using Legos, they’ve recreated “The Day of the Doctor” 50th Anniversary episode, and it’s commendable.

Now, the key to a good LEGO tribute is to find the right hair, and with 13 Doctors, a Clara, two Queen Elizabeths, and a Bad Wolf Moment all needing to be represented, that could be a bit difficult. However, I think the makers did a really admirable job, especially with some of the wilder hairstyles in the Doctor’s past. Luckily, with LEGO Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars sets out there, hairstyles are quite plentiful. Throw a little Frodo Baggins on your Fourth Doctor, Meriadoc Brandybuck on your Sixth Doctor in what I’m guessing is the body piece of a clown, and some Palpatine hair for Capaldi’s Eyes and you’ve got yourself quite a nice facsimile.


via Nerdist.

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