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Watch FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Flight 462 Miniseries, Part 1

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Flight 462 takes off!

The first season of Fear The Walking Dead ended with action and an emotional punch, but it’s not the end our earlier look at the zombie epidemic. The prequel drama continues in Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, an online series that will also air during commercial breaks for The Walking Dead during its sixth season.

In Part 1, we’re introduced to the passengers, the possible problems on board, and a mysterious scream on the other end of a cell phone. Little do they know of the chaos yet to come!

Flight 462 is more than just a bit of extra entertainment. One of the characters on the web series is destined to become a regular cast member on Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, though we don’t know exactly who it will be at this moment.

Episodes will be released online slowly during The Walking Dead Season 6 and will also be available via the AMC Mobile App.

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