The first full-length FEAR THE WALKING DEAD trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con!

We’ve seen several short, foreboding clips from Fear The Walking Dead, all of which hint at the coming zombie apocalypse and the characters’ skepticism toward the hype surrounding this new disease. But the 3-minute Fear The Walking Dead trailer from San Diego Comic-Con blows it all out of the water!

Madison and Travis (Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis) are a couple, both with children from previous relationships. Nick and Alicia (Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey) are Madison’s children while Travis has a son named Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). They’re managing to co-exist fairly peacefully until Nick has terrifying incident. Though nobody believes him, strange occurrences all around begin to lead them to one undeniable fact: The zombie apocalypse has begun.

Fear The Walking Dead takes place in modern-day Los Angeles. Season One will cover the 5-week time period in which The Walking Dead main character Rick Grimes was in a coma, when everything dissolves into utter chaos.

We’ve even got a premiere date! The show will hit AMC network on August 23rd. A special episode the The Talking Dead, the Walking Dead talk show, after the finale episode on October 4th.

Here’s some other fun facts we gathered about the show at Comic-Con:

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