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Watch The Full FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: FLIGHT 462 Webseries

Discover the uncertain fate of Flight 462 in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD web series finale!

You’ve seen bits and pieces or the course of many months, but now it’s finally here from beginning to end: The Fear The Walking Dead web series, Flight 462!

The series covers one of the earliest outbreaks in the new zombie apocalypse and it’s one that seems near inescapable: An airplane cabin is overtaken by the disease. Once the dead begin to rise, there’s nowhere to really hide.

The series ends on an interesting cliffhanger as we watch the plane looking like it’s about to crash over Los Angeles. We know at least one cast member will make it out and on to the regular cast of Fear The Walking Dead in Season 2, but who? And does everyone else on the plane die?

According to Undead Walking, It looks like Michelle Ang will be joining Fear The Walking Dead premieres on April 10th– or maybe later, depending when our Season 1 survivors come across the plane wreckage.

fear the walking dead michelle ang

We can assume that other actors from the web series might make an appearance, but only in dead form!

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