Watch these GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Deleted Scenes of Daenerys and Shae

Daenerys and Shae deal with betrayal and heartbreak

These deleted scenes from HBO’s Game of Thrones would’ve been nice to see, but ultimately were reasonably taken out of the final cuts of the episodes.  Daenerys and Shae both have to deal with the betrayal and heartbreak of the two men they thought would be with them throughout, although in slightly different ways.

In “The Lion and the Rose” episode, we see Bronn giving Shae his two cents worth after her love, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) sends her away and out of his life.  It would’ve probably made Shae’s later betrayal against Tyrion more understandable, but maybe the showrunners didn’t want to go that route.  Who knows.  So, instead we only see the injustice that Shae had done, and not the misunderstanding of why Tyrion did what he did.

In this scene of Daenerys Targaryen,  from “The Mountain and The Viper” episode, we’re watching an ever hardening heart of Khaleesi after she has banished Jorah for his betrayal.  Here, we see as she pretty much threatens Missandei to never betray her.  I’m thinking it wouldn’t be banishment, but something far worse, if she ever did.

Yeah, women sure do have it pretty rough in the land of Westeros.  Envy them I do not.


Daenerys and Shae deal with betrayal