Watch: GOTHAM Featurette on Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin

If you’re still hesitant about Fox’s new series, Gotham, then this featurette on Oswald Cobblepot just might push you towards giving the series a good shot at being one of your must-see shows of the season.

We all know The Penguin is one of Batman’s more notorious villains, but to see what he was before he became The Penguin, especially when played right, could give this series something better than just your regular action show.  It’s crime drama with comics flare, and it’s dark and gritty.  Just like how everything in Gotham should be.

Actors Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Cobblepot, and Ben McKenzie (Detective James Gordon) give you an inside look into the multi-layered character.


via ComingSoon.

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