Watch the Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad, the Worst of the Worst

Watch as Screen Junkies Tear Down the Worst of the Worst in his Honest Trailer for SUICIDE SQUAD!

Screen Junkies has released an Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad and it is hilarious. Junkies gets all the major points and gives us a lot of humor.

Suicide Squad wasn’t what everyone expected. It was supposedly the comeback movie for Warner Brothers after Dawn of Justice, buuuut it didn’t work out to well. It wasn’t a surprise, though, given the number of issues that held up the project.

A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated super-villains to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse.

Check out the honest trailer:

Suicide Squad is now available on Digital HD and Blu-ray, pick it up on Amazon.

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