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WATCH: How Claire and Jamie’s Married Life Complicates OUTLANDER

If time travel and ancient wars aren’t complicated enough, just add married life into the mix!

British World War II nurse Claire thought things were confusing when she fell through time and found herself living among the Scottish Highlanders of the 18th century during the British occupation, before the start of a bloody civil war. But then she married Jamie Fraser!

In the latest featurette for OUTLANDER, the actors, author, and executive producer of the hit Starz series reflect on how married life has changed things drastically for both Jamie and Claire Fraser, who are just learning to love and trust each other despite in earlier attraction.

Married Life Featurette by pookalook84

They are now Mr. and Mrs. Fraser. See what that means for the newlyweds in the upcoming episodes of Outlander.

Posted by Outlander on Friday, March 27, 2015

Those of you who are familiar with the story know that things will get much, much darker for the newlyweds in the second half of season 1. Their married life will be truly tested more than once upon their reunion.

OUTLANDER returns to Starz on April 4, 2015.