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Watch the Inside THE 100: Hakeldama featurette

The 100: Hakeldama featurette gives us a deeper look into this week’s episode

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg gives us an inside look into The 100‘s fifth episode of this season in this Hakeldama featurette.

In the featurette, Rothenberg explains newly appointed Chancellor Pike (Michael Beach) and his actions in the episode, which bring about trouble for the Sky People, including Bellamy (Bob Morley):

“Chancellor Pike has won the chancellorship and immediately sets out to take care of the ‘peace army’ that Lexa sent to protect the Sky crew. He doesn’t trust the Grounders, he doesn’t trust Lexa, and he’s going to hit them before they hit the Sky crew. And bad things happen when he goes out there with Bellamy in tow, by the way, to meet this army.”

From the trailer, it certainly does look like Pike’s surprise tactic worked, but now there are consequences.  In the meanwhile, we have a look at Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and what she’s been dealing with:

“Raven returns in this episode, and we see her continuing battle with her own pain.  She can no longer hide it. It’s really affecting her and things get harder and harder for her in the episode.”

And Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) come back to Arkadia with their differing plans in mind:

“There’s a lot of reunions in this episode. Returns, I should say.  Jaha comes back with his friend Alie in tow, and the backpack, and obviously has his own plans for Arkadia.  Still determined to save his people. Clarke comes back, determined to save her people once again. Everybody has a different idea of what that means, and it will not turn out the way any of them want or hope.”

Watch The 100: Hakeldama featurette

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