Watch the JURASSIC WORLD Super Bowl Trailer

Jurassic World Superbowl trailer shows Chris Pratt versus velociraptors!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Super Bowl this year, at least you can watch the Jurassic World Super Bowl trailer here.  You’ll notice some of the scenes were shown in the first Jurassic World trailer, but some of the digital effects have been cleaned up a bit more for more realistic visuals.  For instance, the scene in which the large crocodile-like water creature, called the Mosasaurus, pops up to eat the great white shark.  The water splash when the gator pops out is much less splashy and more precise.

jurassic world sb trailer

And indeed, there were some added and slightly extended scenes in this one-minute trailer.  One of those added scenes was a glimpse of Chris Pratt‘s character, Owen, in the velociraptor exhibit with three velociraptors surrounding him.

Jurassic World sb trailer 3

It seems to indicate he’s somewhat in control of the situation, especially when you consider that previous trailers showed him riding his motorbike alongside the velociraptors, as if leading a hunt with them.

Added were more glimpses of the new hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex, that will be reeking havoc in the dino theme park, and his teeth and claws look mighty pointy.

Jurassic World sb trailer 5

Jurassic World sb trailer 8

Indominus Rex aside, we see a couple more looks of the inhabitants of the park.

Jurassic World sb trailer 9

We’ve seen the flying dinosaurs before, notably in Jurassic Park 3 in which the characters from that film actually had to deal with pterandons, and at the end of the film, see a some of those pteranodons flying free from the aviary.  One wonders if they’ll address that issue in this film, as they seem to be flying free yet again.

But ultimately, the big baddie is definitely the hybrid dino.  We’ll get to see some of the movie through the eyes of two brothers (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins), as kids are definitely a staple for Jurassic Park movies.  This time the parents send the boys off by themselves, for whatever reason, to Jurassic World.  At some point they obviously come face-to-face with the dastardly beast.

Jurassic World sb trailer 10

Jurassic World sb trailer 13

Well, it doesn’t look like that gyrosphere is quite so fun anymore, does it?  Despite the weird name, the Indominus Rex plans to be much more terrifying than your regular terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex.  And having to use velociraptors against it probably confirms that idea.

Oh, humans are it again.  This will be fun.

Check out the official Jurassic World site! 


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