WATCH: Katniss Really Loves Pita In This HUNGER GAMES Parody

If you’re a fan of THE HUNGER GAMES, chances are you’ve heard a few frequently used name jokes (Odair he is!), but there’s one that might just be the most prominent: Peeta.

This video takes the joke to a new level.

YouTube channel PistolShrimps has turned the Peeta/pita meme into a hilarious The Hunger Games video. Katniss speaks, screams, cries, and falls in love with not Peeta but pita (as in pita bread, which works terribly well considering Peeta’s label as the Baker’s son).

Seriously, this video carb-loads many of the token Katniss and Peeta scenes from the films. Watch as Katniss searches desperately for pita (“Where’s pita?”), finds pita, or observes a flying pita bread zoom across the Quarter Quell arena. And what would an Everlark parody video be without the famed beach scene?

See how hungry Katniss is for pita bread below!

Are you craving some pitas after watching that video? I know I am!

Source: PistolShrimps

The Hunger Games Pita

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