Watch Kiera Cass’ THE BETROTHED Book Trailer

Kiera Cass sure loves some juicy royal drama!

The author swept her way onto bestselling lists and into readers hearts with The Selection series, a combined trilogy and duology which follows a young woman in competition to marry a prince and her own daughter encountering the same competition from a different angle several years later. In both cases, the protagonist is torn between two loves: The proper option for royal society and an outsider.

Her next series The Betrothed seems to be working off a similar concept, minus the competition element. It follows Lady Hollis Brite, who is chosen by King Jameson in be his bride and the future queen of their fictional land. But Hollis is secretly in love with another. The trailer doesn’t specify who this mystery man is, but he sure looks look a knight:

Epic Reads just released the book trailer for The Betrothed, which you can watch at the top of the post!

Despite many book delays due to the current global situation, the novel is still due out on May 5, 2020. You can preorder it now via Amazon, B&N, or, which supports local independent bookstores.

By Kait

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