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Watch THE MAGICIANS Season 5 trailer

The crew is back at it again, and yet with one less crew member, they still manage to bring all that is THE MAGICIANS to peak form.

Yes, we know. We’re still grieving with Quentin gone. And honestly, the show won’t be the same without him, but guess what. The rest of the gang still has to go on, and though they look a frightful mess, there are still some interesting and exciting moments coming in the fifth season of The Magicians.

For one, there’s freakin’ Margot being even more badass with the warrior gear and all. There’s TOO MUCH magic, now? Everything is overwhelmed with magic and that’s obviously as problematic when there wasn’t any magic at all. Probably more so.

Elliot complained about Margot finding time to watch Avengers: Endgame, and yet, he’s all about Netflix. Hmm… double standard, anyone? I’m so excited for this coming season, laughing at all that funny that’s going to be said, yet crying for my lost Q. Great stuff. Oh, and a kraken???

The series adaptation of Lev Grossman’s books have brought so much more to the story and we’re all here for it.

The Magicians season 5 premieres January 15, 2010 on Syfy.

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