WATCH: Mark Hamill’s STAR WARS Screen Test

Watch the screen test that landed Mark Hamill the role of Luke Skywalker!

As it turns out, Mark Hamill’s starring gig in STAR WARS wouldn’t have happened without Freddy Kruger– or the actor that portrayed Freddy, at least! Mark was living on Robert Englund’s couch when Englund suggested he audition or a “space movie” that George Lucas was working on (Englund was considered for Han Solo, at one point). Mark went in for a screen test the next day and landed the role.

Now that fateful screen test is available for everyone to watch online!

Hamill tested with Harrison Ford, who has an interesting casting story of his own. Ford never intended to take on the role of Han Solo, but did screen tests with other actors as a favor to George Lucas, who he worked with on AMERICAN GRAFFITI. After watching him test so well with the other actors, George Lucas convinced him to come on board for the role.

So check out Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford’s first time in action together!

And the rest, as they say, is history!