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Watch NEVERNIGHT Episode 2

Warning: If you didn’t know already, the Nevernight series deal with mature content, so this is NSFW!

If you watched the first episode, then you’ll probably want to see where Mia’s (Piera Forde) journey takes her, and that’s to meeting another trained killer named Tric (Jordi Webber).

Upon arriving at the Old Imperial, the backwater pub Mercurio advised Mia to present her tithe, Mia is told by Fat Daniio, the innkeeper that there is no such Church and that worship of the Goddess of Night, Mia’s patron saint, is illegal.

Finding a dead end, Mia confers with her daemon, a shadow-cat named Mister Kindly, about their next move.

Enter Tric, a handsome young Dweymeri man also on his journey to find the Church. After a quick assessment and a tense introduction, Mia and Tric decide to journey together into the turbulent Whisperwastes to find the location of the Red Church.

Episode 3 airs December 5th and we’ll be posting here, so follow us on Twitter or Instagram to be notified when it is.

UPDATE 2:56pm EDT: If you want more on the Nevernight webseries, Piera Forde hosted a liveshow on YouTube, which you can watch below.

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