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Watch our NYCC Exclusive Interviews with the cast of CONSTANTINE: CITY OF DEMONS

The cast and crew of CONSTANTINE: CITY OF DEMONS share how different this movie will be from other versions.

If you think you know Constantine, think again. This newly released feature may be an animated film but that doesn’t mean it’s watered down. In fact, with an R rating, all members of the film crew enthusiastically shared how this gave them the freedom to dive in deeper into the Constantine world.

For me personally, it was great for us to take our time with the scenes and but because it gets so dark in some places, you get to be grounded in that real emotion between the two characters and a lot of the other characters as well [….] and you also have the license with a longer film to take your time as well – Damian O’Hare

It’s really exciting to honor this world and give it its due without having to edit or make it palatable for people who feel like they need a censor on their world – Rachel Kimsey

I was curious to hear how different it was working on an animated film versus a live-action film. Which one does the cast and crew prefer working and do they prepare differently for each style?

There’s a wonderful release when you’re an actor in an animation because you can go anywhere. I love putting on different voices and you’re not bound by having ginger hair or you know a big nose, or being an Irishman – Damian O’Hare

And lastly, I couldn’t end these interviews without finding out how they would fare if they were plucked from this world and tossed into Constantine’s world where demons roamed around freely. The general consensus? Utter fear. Or to quote screenwriter J.M. Matteis, “how the hell do I get out of this world as fast as I possibly can? Because it’s dark and scary here.”

Lead Character Designer Phill Bourassa was resigned about the idea, stating he’d “probably be meat…for the monsters.”

Although Damian O’Hare did say that he would probably be an Irish bartender serving Constantine his beer.

Constantine: City of Demons is now available on Blu-Ray DVD

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