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Watch the OUTLANDER Mid-Season Premiere Opening

The OUTLANDER mid-season premiere comes with a fresh perspective.

If you’re a fan of the sultry tones of Caitronia Balfe as Claire Randall Fraser in the books and television show, be prepared for a change of pace in the OUTLANDER mid-season premiere, “The Reckoning”!

In a sneak peek of the opening sequence that aired before BLACK SAILS last night, fans learned from Executive Producer Ron Moore that “The Reckoning” will be the first episode narrated by Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser!

The narration for Episode 9 harkens back to Claire’s opening monologue in Episode 1, both being with “Strange, the things we remember.”

Riling many fans up is the somewhat mysterious woman approaching in the background:


The picture isn’t very clear, but the only character with similar long blonde hair we’ve seen so far is Laoghaire MacKenzie, who definitely has some feelings for Jamie and still has a role to play in the story. Other fans theorize that this is figure in the distance is actually a memory from Jamie’s past. Either way, it’s hard to glean too much about a character or their intentions when you’ve only seen them walking toward Jamie along a riverbank.

The answers will be revealed when the OUTLANDER mid-season premiere airs on Starz on April 4, 2015.

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