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WATCH: OUTLANDER Teases Season 1 Return

Season 1 of OUTLANDER may not be back until April, but the show is already teasing its return.

The team behind OUTLANDER knows that the wait between October and April has been somewhat excruciating for the fans, so they’re abating our impatience bit by bit. On the fourth of each month, new exclusive material from the show. This month, it’s the a trailer preview for the second half of the season!

Introduced by Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser himself, the clip gives us a peek into the aftermath of Claire’s capture and subsequent rescue. He also announces that we can expect a full trailer for the second half of season 1 at the end of the week!

From the clips we’ve seen so far, it looks like Sam’s hopes for an excellent finish to Season 1 are a sure thing!

OUTLANDER returns to STARZ on April 4, 2015.

By Kait

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