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Watch OUTLANDER Trailer for “Vengeance Is Mine” Episode 211

Watch the preview for Saturday’s newest episode of OUTLANDER “Vengeance Is Mine.”

Last week on Outlander we last saw the Jacobite army defeat the redcoats in a grueling first battle. Claire, doing what she does best, set up a hospital for the wounded (Scots and British alike!). And to our horror, wee Fergus decided to man up and join the battle with the men almost getting himself killed and giving us a heart attack! Luckily, Fergus and the Highlanders return from the battle in victory.outlander

We also witnessed the loss of a comedic character, Angus.

Now the Jacobite army is moving on and tensions rise when a group of the Highlanders are pinned in a church and Jamie is once again taking on the role of our hero.

In “Vengeance is Mine”: Claire and the Highlanders are sent north after the Jacobite leaders decide to halt their march on London. A band of redcoats makes trouble for the Scots, leading to a most unexpected reunion for Claire.

Watch the preview for episode 211 “Vengeance is Mine”:

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