Watch this PIXAR supercut of multiple references to all kinds of movies

This Pixar supercut reminds us that we’re all fans of movies

If you’ve ever wondered why so many Pixar movies has that familiar feel to them, then you’re not the only one.  You’re probably a big moviegoer and when it comes to Pixar movies, you’re in it with the rest of us.  But aside from the emotion that Pixar films often bring out of us, there’s a certain amount of nostalgia involved as well.  This Pixar supercut shows just how much the filmmakers behind those cutesy digitally animated characters love all kinds of movies, from the classics to the present, from inspirational to violent, from dramas to sci-fi, they love them all, and that use their talent to reference as many as possible in their own movies.

Edited by Jorge Luengo Ruiz, this supercut gives us what we didn’t know we were looking for – all the references to the movies Pixar as hinted at or referenced.  It is definitely one of those cuts that everyone just needs to see.  And as Pixar continues powering through their films, we hope to get another supercut just like this.

Ruiz did note one other thing about this Pixar supercut – A Bug’s Life is not included because the whole plot is a tribute to Akira Kurusawa’s 1954 classic Seven Samurai.

Pixar supercut gives multiple references to classics

Source: GeekTyrant

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