You’ll be glad this ZOOTOPIA Deleted Scene wasn’t in the movie

In a Zootopia deleted scene, things take a turn for a really sad turn in what is called a “Taming Party.”

Zootopia has turned into one of Disney’s biggest animated films, being the second-highest grossing film of 2016 so far (Captain America: Civil War is the first) and breaking the $1 billion mark (only the third time a Disney animated film has done so.)  But when you watch this Zootopia deleted scene released by Animation Source, it most likely wouldn’t have been as successful, as you’ll see why.

It deals with what’s called a “taming party” for a bear cub, kind of like a graduation of sorts, but you’ll soon see this is no graduation that any parent would want to give to their child.  The scene is really just quite despressing.

Now that you’ve watched the sad Zootopia deleted scene, you’ll probably agree that it was the right thing to do for Disney not to include it.  Knowing that these were just rough drafts and not fully completed with real digital animation, Disney apparently felt the same way early on into the creating process.

Plus, there was definitely enough sad in Nick’s personal story to prove its point without the inclusion of the taming party.


Source: GeekTyrant

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