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WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson Recaps GAME OF THRONES

GAME OF THRONES recapping gets real with the help of Samuel L. Jackson!

There are now 60 episodes of Game Of Thrones out in the world, and that’s a lot to caught up on if you haven’t started watching yet. But have no fear, Samuel L. Jackson is here to help in a new recap video!

The beloved actor known for roles in the Marvel and Star Wars franchises–among many, many other roles– lent his signature voice and flair to a 7-plus minute run-through of television’s most popular series complete with comments, curses, and hilarity (“You want to see a dragon, motherf—er?”)

Needless to say, this video is NSFW. But if you need a quirky Game Of Thrones refresher, we don’t think there’s a better one out there than Samuel L. Jackson’s take!

While we know about its contents, we especially love that this video comes from the official Game Of Thrones YouTube channel, nodding at the show’s connection to celebrity fans and the sense of humor behind the scenes. Westeros and its surrounding lands are dark and wild, but they sure know how to bring it to light in a fun way!

With season 7 production delayed, Game of Thrones looks like it will be starting a little later in 2017 than its typical April start time. Winter in summer, perhaps?



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