Watch SHADOWHUNTERS First Look Behind-the-Scenes

Watch the Shadowhunters first look behind-the-scenes video

Earlier this evening, after the showing of Poltergeist on ABC Family, fans got to see a first look behind-the-scenes video of the upcoming straight to series show, Shadowhunters.

Watch as Katherine McNamara, Dominic SherwoodEmeraude Toubia, and Alberto Rosende reveal more about their characters and their relationship with Clary.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it after the movie, like I didn’t in my city, watch it below!

If you watched closely enough, you should have noticed a few exciting things we’ll look forward to seeing in the series, including the Mortal Cup, what looks to be vampire Camille (hmmm…dare we say that that eyeglass frame looks familiar?), Luke possibly turning, possibly Madame Dorothea’s nails, and Clary having to choose between Jace and Simon.


See what else was teased at for the upcoming series.


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