Watch: SHADOWHUNTERS: Revealing the Shadow World

Check out a new video revealing the Shadow world to mundanes!

The promotion for Shadowhunters has been getting better and better, and today, a new video has been released showing the Shadow world to people at a bus stop in Boston. This bus stop has been decked out with the Shadowhunters posters, and has a screen on one side, making it look like demons are popping up in the Boston streets. Check out the video below:

Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) who learns on her 18th birthday that she is a part of an ancient race of half-angel warriors, the Shadowhunters. When Clary’s mother is kidnapped by an evil power from the Shadow world, she must join the Shadowhunters to try and get her back.

This advertising is such a fun way to get people excited for Shadowhunters and to really make an impact on people who may not watch the show otherwise. Hopefully this campaign will move to other places around the country, and you may get to see it for yourself.

Shadowhunters premieres on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family, on Tuesday, January 12th at 9|8c for U.S. viewers, and on Wednesday, January 13th on Netflix for international viewers.

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