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Watch a Sneak Peek of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’S “Pillar of Salt”

We finally get to see where Ofelia is in tomorrow night’s episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, “Pillar of Salt.” 

Did you think Ofelia was dead? Well, she’s not. For those watching Fear the Walking Dead, and/or The Walking Dead, that was an easy question to answer. Although it was possible that she could’ve been walking around as an infected. But someone had to steal the truck.

Now we get to find out where she went and what she’s doing. The reasons why is still unclear, though. But check out the clip of Ofelia doing her thing.

At the Colonia, Alejandro reveals his darker side. A hotel resident becomes violent and Madison springs into action.

Yeah, it looks like Madison takes charge and has to set up some ground rules, like not killing each other. Because in a world where there are infected, that’s apparently not a given.

And who’s going to be the pillar of salt?


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