Watch SUPERGIRL Face Off Against Indigo In ‘Solitude’ Clips

Smallville‘s take on Kara El-Zor returns to the Superman universe this week, this time as the evil force working to bring down Supergirl. And in four new sneak peeks, we see her plan against Supergirl and CatCo set into action!

Of course, Kara faces more than just an malicious alien out to destroy her. First she’s got to deal with some good old-fashioned bullies hanging out in her workplace!

After that, the seed for trouble is planted when Cat rejects an offer not one expected her to refuse.

It’s then that Indigo first makes herself known, though in a must different form!

“Toyman Jr” gets the work on hacking Indigo’s codes, but he hits a very alarming speed bump along the way.

This looks like it’s going to be a pretty intense episode!

Supergirl airs ‘Solitude’ tomorrow, February 29th, on CBS.

Official Synopsis:

Kara travels to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in hopes of learning how to defeat Indigo (Laura Vandervoort), a dangerous being who can transport via the Internet and who has a connection to Kara’s past. Also, James’s relationship with Lucy reaches a crossroads.



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