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Watch: THE 100 Explores a New Planet in Season Six Trailer

Check out the first trailer for THE 100 Season six!

The 100 is changing its game. If you’ll recall, the end of season five had our characters evacuate Earth and make their way to a new habitable planet – after decades of cryo-sleep. For a show whose basic premise is “Earth was destroyed and now 100 years in the future troubled kids are sent down to find out if it’s habitable again” leaving Earth was an unexpected path. But the new trailer for season six revealed an idea of where that path is leading.

The show gets to start again with “Book II,” as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the crew get to a new planet which seems like a perfect utopia at first. But there are issues under the surface with the people who inhabit the planet and a psychological plague due to an eclipse of two suns, not to mention the tensions that have been boiling between our characters for much too long. Check out the full trailer below:

Pretty epic, yeah? And though I really wish these guys could have some peace for a minute, I have to say I can’t wait to see them back in action when The 100 returns to the CW on April 30th.


By Molly

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