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Watch THE 100 Episode 3.05 “Hakeldama” Trailer and Photos

The 100’s “Hakeldama” episode brings Bellamy’s decision to side with Pike and go against all Grounders to the forefront

“Hakeldama,” The 100‘s fifth episode of season three looks to be another hard-hitting one if it’s going to pit Bellamy (Bob Morley) against not only all Grounders, but against half of the Arkadians, as well as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and his own sister, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos).  This trailer shows that what Pike (Michael Beach) has decided to do may have consequences for every single one of them, and that Bellamy may have realized it a little too late.

Remember when Finn killed a bunch of those Grounders last season?  Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be as horrible anymore from what they show in this trailer.  I shake my head at how easily so many of them, especially Bellamy, think what they’re doing is any better than it was before.  But that’s why this show has gone from teen melodrama to something much more dramatically sensational.

It looks like we maybe also get to see Jaha and Murphy return, but what kind of message will Jaha bring to the Arkadians?

Will this “act of war” put Clarke directly against Bellamy?  How long will Pike stay Chancellor?  Will Lincoln ever be accepted anywhere?



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